Palm Valley Golf Club

Palm Valley Golf Club

About ½ an hour north of St. Augustine close to Nocatee you find Palm Valley golf  course 9-hole course with practice area facilities. On the driving range you can choose to hit from grass or from mats and there are markers telling you the distance. There are also bunker, green and chipping practice areas. The course is a 9-hole with two tees measuring 1325 or 1135 yards. The layout was nice and there is even two par 4 holes even if they are short, but it is still a challenging course. The quality was good on the ”fairways” but some of the greens were in a bad state and the others in an ok state. It was still a nice experience and a good place to work on the short game with your iron clubs and the price was very good. I will go back to practice and to make the practice more interesting by playing the 9 holes. There were a few families the day I went but I stayed at the driving range until they had played three holes and then it was no problem I think it took just below an hour to play (did not check on the watch). I could see that is a perfect place to start playing without thinking all time about the speed of the game and the only way you can lose balls is in the water and then you know it straight away so no time-consuming searching. Staff very friendly and the shop had quite a lot for such small place. Laid back environment which is nice when you begin playing or just fine-tune by practicing. 


Hole 5

Hole 2

Hole 3





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