The Reef

The Reef

Very nicely located on the Atlantic coast beach with some tables on the outside and cozy space inside, many with a view of the ocean. The Sunday Brunch is very special and well worth a visit, but so are the lunches and dinners as well. The seafood was recommended, but the steak and duck were also very good. We have been coming here for soon 20 years (had dinner here Millennium evening) and again on last New Years evening. Last time I had the trio combo with shrimp, scallops and lobster tail all grilled very well, served with mash potato and that was delicious. A little bit pricey but we will be back.

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  1. John McC skriver:

    Enjoyed playing golf with you at St. John’s on Friday. Agree with your comments on the Reef. We have been coming here for years. The Ahi Tuna appetizer is always superb. Seafood is their speciality as it should be, it is fresh and the kitchen can cook to your request. We had our first issue this past week. We had a surley waiter – asked him about the “Organic Salmon”; since he wanted to verify it’s origin, he went to the kitchen. His answer was that it was from the ocean, not farm raised. The reason we asked was to be told where it was farm raised. He took exception to our statement that ocean salmon can not be called organic to the point that he walked off with just my entree order taken. Jump forward ten minutes, I had to ask him if he would take my wife’s order. He did after questioning if she could make a decision. When the entrees were brought to us, my plate was so hot from being left under the warmer much to long that the green veggies were charred on top, lobster tail too crispy, and mashed potatoes much to hot to be eaten when delivered.
    We will come back in time, but will not have this gentleman wait on us again.
    Suggest you add Collage to your reviews, nice blog Ulf.

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